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Author Topic: Xavier-26 Morehead St.-7  (Read 43 times)

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Xavier-26 Morehead St.-7
« on: April 20, 2021, 11:09:40 AM »
Reference the Butler at Morehead State game, I recalled having seen Xavier play the Eagles at Morehead believing it was my freshman year during the fall of 1972. Anyway, I wasn't sure of the year but my research of Xavier's record that year indicated that Xavier won only 2 games and the schedule did not reflect Morehead as having been an opponent that year or any year around that time. I couldn't recall whether Xavier won the game I attended but I found no record of that game ever being played.

I may be crazy about hoping Xavier plays football again and I may forget a few things but how could I be wrong about this? I am getting older but I wanted to delve into this, no pun intended, some more. Today, I perused Morehead State football site and located the above score from a 1972 game played at Morehead. I located another NCAA site which also includes this game. My question is why does Xavier's record include this game?

I believe that Xavier football alums, Rich Kase and Rick Yocke, would have played in this game; and either might view this forum. If they or anyone else who has knowledge of this game, I would appreciate their comments. Back in those years, wins were sparse; and if it is a win that should be reflected then clarification is in order.

Spring practice games were never played at an opposing school so that couldn't be what I remember; and at least two sites note it as a game of record.


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