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75 views and "veteran savvy"
« on: July 24, 2021, 08:30:01 AM »

When I was younger, I always enjoyed anticipating fall as Street and Smith's football magazines became available to buy. Both college and pro football magazines were purchased and I always was anxious to read about Xavier's prospects in the former. The latter was also interesting as for catching up on my favorite pro teams and players.

Since collegiate players back then only had three years of eligibility, it was difficult to apply to them a term that was often assigned to pro players who had been in the league for a long time and now were players who kept playing even though their physical skills had waned considerably. Yes: "Veteran Savvy". The Street and Smith writers would always mention at the end of the team's articles those players who brought 'veteran savvy" to the team which basically meant that the player(s) knew how to play the game but could only physically perform at a marginal level (if at all).

My last post on Loyola's club football team has drawn at this point 75 views. Not bad and I have to assume that those views include others going by my name or Bruce's. I have to this that there are football alums among those viewers whether they be club alums or pre-1973 players. Wht I  am suggesting is that there may be enough to field a club team with those viewers and earn eligibility by enrolling in Xavier's "E Pluribus Unum" course that is required (if it still goes by that name).

As outlandish as this may seem, envision a team of 30-40 players. Hopefully, some would be club team veterans who could physically still play. If the team was all pre-1973alums then there would be a serious problem: "veteran savvy" might  only last one down. Not a good recipe for a winning season I guess, But, as I have written before, a guy can always dream even if it is far-fetched.

This idea is probably too late for a successful 2021 season but it has got to start somewhere! Like Aerosmith and Steven Tyler, I will "Dream On". Hope everyone is doing well. If we can survive the cicadas as we did locally this summer, anything is possible!!!


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