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Author Topic: Wistful/wishful thinking  (Read 393 times)

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Wistful/wishful thinking
« on: September 03, 2021, 09:14:10 AM »
College football has commenced. Fishing around ESPN+ last night and saw parts of televised games none of which I watched beyond a few plays. First up. a team named North American playing at Lamar (the former being in only its second year of competition). Then on to Incarnnate Word playing at Youngstown State. Incarnate Word is located in Texas and it is a relatively new school but still could afford to go play the Penquins in Ohio. Yes, the Penquins, Xavier played in football when the Polish Rifle, Ron Jaworski, QB'd YSU. Then there was Austin Peay playing at Chattanooga another Xavier football foe from past years. Didn't seem to be many in attendance at this game. Mercer football is another new school playing football at ahomegamethat seemed well attended.

Where's Title IX in all this? How do these schools afford football?

Falls at Xavier are not the same. Dang, I miss Xavier football. Is this Pioneer Football League really an out-of-reach proposition?


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